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           From Da Ground Up Productions 

         Submission Agreement

As "From Da Ground Up Productions" is growing, this is an excellent opportunity for the right individual to learn more, gain more experience and enhance their skills.


The "From Da Ground Up Productions "TV network drives a variety of mediums to connect its owned content delivered through the podcast, music videos, short films, reality shows, kids shows, talk shows and movies. We are a new power network that gives the opportunity for other content creators to be seen on a larger scale platform that reaches millions who have access to Roku TV.

We offer several different packages to those who may want to tap in for the opportunity to partner and grow with us by being a part of our network. We are currently looking for self-motivated, outgoing, charismatic, well focus driven creatives to help maximize "From Da Ground Up Productions" in becoming a globally force for content creators and entrepreneurs.

By submitting your content for the Roku TV Network you are stating to "From Da Ground Up Productions LLC",  that you have all necessary rights to authorize our use and reuse of the audio and visual material it contains in reference to your music and videos and that your submission of your content is governed by our Online Submission Agreement and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of that agreement.  

Making It In The 845
        Reality Show

Submitting for reality show “Making it in the 845 you are giving From Da Ground Up Productions’s LLC all rights to recorded material if accepted.

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