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Are we headed towards a squid game world?

Squid game is one of the most popular show streaming all over the world. This show focuses on the greed for money, gambling and the things people do for money. It didn’t take me long before I realized there was multiple hidden messages in the show. To be honest I couldn’t help but to think are we already Participating in a game similar?

Let’s face we are controlled by our phones and social media. Have you ever left out of your house and left your phone and felt like in the world is coming to an end. Did you feel a little bit worried when the social media platforms went down Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and were you stressed. What would you have done if they said in order to Participate in being on these platforms you have to play the game?

Some more questions to ask yourself. Are you happy with what you have now? Are you drowning in debt? Do you feel like you would do anything to get what you want? Are you really in control of your actions or do you think you are influenced by what you see on the television, what you see in society and what you see on social media?

Today people try so hard to get to a certain status in life because this is something that is portrayed all over the world and media , big houses , nice cars , name brand clothes partying and hanging out with celebrities. Most people base there self worth off of those things. Question is are you just a player in the game? Is your soul worth all of those things?

How many people do you think sold their soul to be in Hollywood? Anyway the main point that I’m making here is to please take a look at yourself and make sure you’re not playing in the game that will destroy you and pay attention to the messages in the show because something is about to come and we need to be ready.

‘’Tell me your thoughts and what you think the message is about on this show.

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