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Bill Li Black Releases New Track “10 Generation”

Bill Li Black is a Rapper out of Orangeburg, South Carolina who understood the importance of establishing his brand as an artist through conducting himself as a professional. Although he is considered a late bloomer in the hip-hop industry, he is well respected because of his raw talent. He has created one of his hardest endeavors to vinyl with his recent tracks that has taken people by storm. The vibe of his music bares his transparency and as he delivers through his lyrics, we all feel his greatest and superpower. He was inspired to take on this new adventure as an artist by releasing his first track, “10 Generations”, which he has a video for. You can tap in to watch here

Bill li Black , is not letting anything hold him back because he is on a mission to deliver to the people. He lives by the method of finding out how he can do it instead of if he can do it and failure is not an option. His slogan is to 'stop wasting time trying to be who you think you are and be who you are.' Be sure to follow him on all his social media platforms and stream and or purchase his latest release '10 Generations' available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music and more.

Twitter - @BlackTonyRomo

IG - @BillLiBlack

FB - Bill Li Black

Tik Tok - @BillLiBlack

Author: Ladi Miz

November 23, 2021

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