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Colin Powell fully vaccinated and died from Covid complications!

From Da Ground Up Productions wants to send their condolences to the Powell family. Colin Powell who was the former secretary of state and served in President George W. Bush cabinet from 2001 to 2005 has died at the age of 84 due to COVID-19 complications. This is a very sad moment but what is puzzling to us is that he was fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated and still die from COVID-19 complications is the reason why we question the vaccination and believe we should have a choice and not be mandated to take it because it is a obvious and this situation makes it a fact that the vaccine will not save your life or prevent you from dying or having complications.

What people decide to do with their bodies is their business. Therefore if you choose to take the vaccine that’s totally up to you but for those who choose not to you should respect their wishes. We stand with all of the nurses who put their life on the line every day when everyone else was at home with their families. These nurses were there and at one point we praised them and now they’re losing their jobs because they won’t get vaccinated. Looking at what happened to Colin Powell can you even blame them?

We are not against Vaccines we are against it being mandated. What we all need to focus on doing is eating right, exercise and taking our vitamins and getting our vitamin D level up. Stay tune I will soon be doing a show on vitamin D on our podcast “From Da Ground Up Productions. If you have not already go to our YouTube page subscribe and hit the notification button so you can watch us live when we do the show. Here is the link below.

Enjoy your day, `stay safe and stay healthy!

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