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Do you stand with Dave Chapelle?

Dave Chapelle last stand Comedy on Netflix have people going crazy. If you are not standing Dave Chapelle then you are saying that you don’t believe in freedom of speech. His comedy is his art and he should be able to express himself freely. But what I cannot understand about the LBGTQ community is that they want people to accept them for who they are and the choices that they make so that they are able to be free and be themselves, and they are right we should. So how do you try to deny someone else the right that you are fighting for?

You cannot go from being bullied to being a bully. Or is it true what they say that hurt people hurt people? When will some of the people in the LBGTQ community stand up for all rights? I always tell people they should respect the LBGTQ community and respect them for who they are. I always felt like if they came out and showed you who they are that that was a positive thing not a negative thing because people can get led on by someone who is not really into them because they’re living a lie.

The overall point is for each individual to be themselves and to be free. Trying to cancel Dave Chapelle which ain’t going to happen anyway is not a sign of supporting people to be free that is a sign of trying to silence someone because you don’t like them for who they are.

I stand with the Chapelle because I stand with freedom of speech I stand with respecting the form of art which is his comedy.

How do you feel about them trying to cancel Dave Chapelle?

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