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Eliminate anything and anyone that is toxic

A lot of times we find ourselves in situations we thought would be good for us. However sometimes when we think with our emotions we can get caught up in a lot of those negative things. Being able to think logically and not emotionally is a huge part of making the right choices.

The universe is always giving you signs to let you know if you are not in alignment with your goals. It is your responsibility to listen to your spirit when it is talking to you. The moment you deviate from that you go against the blessings that were meant for you.

Do you ever ask yourself why is this happening to me? Well what you should be asking yourself is why did I ignore the signs when they were clearly there for me to see. The ugly truth is it happened to you because you let it.

The great news is nothing is ever a loss or a failure. It is simply a learning experience and you should be happy for every experience that you have whether it’s a good or bad experience.

If you only dealt with worms and rattlesnakes how would you ever know how to deal with the anaconda when it comes. My point is appreciate those bigger snakes too because they teach how to move effectively in the future when you come across someone else that’s just like them.

You owe absolutely no one an explanation. When you realize something is toxic remove yourself expeditiously. Eradicate any and all things associated with it or them. Recognize the signs of those who are always combative. If you put yourself around people like that you Invite that type of energy into your life.

Remeber the law of attraction is always working so make sure it’s working in your favor.

‘’For more topics like this be sure to follow my podcast From Da Ground Up Productions on look out for our network channel on Roku.

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Gary Price
Gary Price
May 27, 2021

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