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Get paid when you perform

In this music industry a lot of independent artists have to grind hard and sometimes they are asked to do shows without getting paid. When you are building your brand and trying to get noticed this is something that you have to do. However if you handle your business correctly everything you do you can get paid for it even doing shows where you are asked to perform for free.

As an independent artist myself I have always gotten paid for my performances even if the promoter did not pay me. Knowing the business part of the industry is very critical and a must. When you know the business you can protect yourself in all ways and you never have to feel like what you’re doing doesn’t have any value to it or you are unappreciated.

Remember if you are an artist this is your business and you need to handle it that way. No one is going to handle your business better than you do for yourself. You have to make people respect your art and your craft. So you wanna know how to get paid for doing shows even if you’re asked to perform for free?

The answer is so simple. All you have to do is make sure that you are registered with a performance right organization such as BMI ASCAP or whoever you are registered with. Every time you perform any of your own music you should log into the PRO account and you must input the information of the location date , time and song that you perform that day. The beautiful thing about this is your performance right agency will make sure that you get paid for that performance. You will see it in your statement account that they sent out quarterly or whenever your performance rights organization send them out. Be sure to check out my podcast From Da Ground Up Productions for more great tips and helpful information to make sure you get what you deserve as an artist.

FYI always ask the club owner or bar owner or who is ever is charge of that location if they are registered with a performance right agency because if they are that should be the place where you perform all the time to make sure you get to that bag you deserve. Follow me on IG @LADIMIZ #Ladimiz #indieartist #getpaid #bmi #ASCAP #shows #perform #fromdagroundupproductions

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