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Here is the key to being successful

Have you ever noticed that some of the most wealthiest people in the world are the most unhappiest people in the world? Have you ever look at someone and said, man if I only had their life? Sometimes our choices in life may go against our purpose. This is why you must listen to the universe when it is talking to you so that you stay in alignment with your goals.

The biggest problem most people have is that they run around chasing a dream that someone else created for them. For example if you’re in school to be a doctor because your parents want you to be one then most likely you’re going to be unhappy with your career; however your parents will see you as being successful. This is why we have a lot of doctors that just simply don’t care nowadays. They’re not doing the job because their heart is in it, they’re doing it because they think that the pay is good and others see them as being successful.

Never get caught up in what other people think success is because you will lose yourself in the process. To someone else being a successful entertainer might mean to be famous, for everyone to know them, for them to have clout and street CRED, for others to desire to want to be like them. And that might be all they will be getting. Meanwhile someone else owns everything they have and every dollar that they make. But if you’re on the outside looking in you see that person as successful but they own nothing and that’s why a lot of people who are famous are unhappy. Someone sold them a dream and they got off track with what their true passion was and they started chasing after the wrong things. I know because it happened to me a few times.

There’s always going to be people that is going to tell you how you should do it the way they think it’s supposed to be done and why you won’t be successful unless you do it their way. Well I have great news, 4+4 = 8 and so does 6+2. With that means is that you can always achieve something in a different way and get the same result. If you believe in yourself, if you use the law of attraction, if you work hard and never give up and use your failures as a learning experience there is nothing that you cannot achieve to be successful.

Someone can have the smallest house and the cheapest car and be the happiest person on earth because that’s all they wanted. They are successful because they got what they wanted.

Know what you want and what makes you happy. Create a plan to achieve that. Stay in alignment with your goals, never allow anyone to get you off track, if you fall off get back up don’t fall back fall forward, believe in yourself, apply hard work, dedication and never give up. That is the key to success.

I am Ladi Miz and I am successful, my life is filled with beauty and happiness everything I do is successful, I can achieve anything that I want, I make a difference in this world, I don’t need money, money needs me because it is nothing if I can’t use it nor spend it, I am in control of my life, I choose happiness. Follow me on Instagram @Ladimiz subscribe to my blog on this site and check out my channel on Roku From Da Ground Up Productions TV. I have amazing things coming up that I know you will love. Stay connected

Love and peace to you all ❤️

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