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Is streaming music robbing independent artist?

Updated: May 21, 2021

Today it’s all about streaming. We went from 8 tracks to cassette tapes to CDs to now streaming. However everyone seems to brag about getting a certain amount of streams because

it makes them look like they are winning in the music industry. They are also very happy with the amount of dollars that they receive. But the truth of the matter is they are actually losing a lot of money by only focusing on streaming sites.

Think about it how many streams do you have to get before you receive a whole dollar versus if you sold that one song yourself directly to your customer. You would receive the full dollar. It’s great to be able to reach an audience all over the world through streaming sites but it’s taking money out of the independent artist pocket.

I think the focus should be focusing on your target audience and bringing them to your website rather than sending them to another site for someone else to capitalize off of your talent hark and business. Those should be secondary to your site.

I had a talk with a really good friend someone I consider family that is also in the music industry. He said to me who told us that people don’t want CDs anymore why did we just stop selling them?
Have we been tricked and bamboozled into selling ourselves short so that other people can capitalize off of our music and our business? What are you gonna do different to make sure you receive 100% profit of your music in business?
Tell me in the comment or let me know why you just stop selling cd’s....
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