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Kanye West surprise appearance on BET awards

Kanye West surprise everyone with his appearance on the BET Awards on Sunday paying tribute to Sean “Diddy” Combs, the show’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award. West was wearing a grey leather Hood by Air jacket, a matching baseball cap, shades and a full black-stocking facial mask.

West stated in his speech that back in the days there was so many rules to hip-hop and Diddy broke all of them. He said he

“Understood contracts in a way a lot of us still don’t.

So I guess that means if you signed a bad contract with Diddy that’s your fault because you should know the business and have a good lawyer.

West said ‘I wanted to declare myself legally dead for a year.’ Nobody missing me. You know, I just want to be off the grid.

I’m sure a lot of us want to know the reason behind it. What do you think his reason is?

Put your answer in the comment section.

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