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Netflix is down!!! Is this another issue like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp?

Another worldwide issue throughout the globe, Netflix is down and people cannot access their Netflix account. There seems to have been an outage which was reported around 3 PM Eastern time. But it’s not just the US, it also happened in China, Canada and also some parts of Europe.

Some people are saying that the service is slow, others are saying that they regain service but then lost it again. The real question is what’s really going on? Remember the big scare with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp when it was not working? People were losing their mind. Some people paid for campaigns and loss of money. But what I want to ask you if you’re reading this are you prepared? Are you prepared when all these social media‘s crash and no longer work? What do you have set up to make sure that you can stay connected with your consumers? These are the things that we have to think about when we are in business because we rely so much on all these other platforms that we become vulnerable when things are not working.

This is exactly why we started our own network on Roku. And we have so much other things in the making. If you want to get your content on our network you can contact and submit one sample of your content and we will give you information on packages we offer. The great news is we also have our website where almost everything that we do will be accessible to everyone. So if you don’t have things like this set up or if you can’t get it set up now we offer services for our network and website to help you in case things stop working but you will still be protected with us.

Also here’s our YouTube link hit the subscribe button and the notification to stay connected.

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