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The Hottest Indie Christian Out - Azarael

Allow me to introduce you to the hottest indie hip hop Christian artist on the scene Azarael from South New Jersey. He is so much more than just a hip-hop artist, he is also a producer, a songwriter and a entrepreneur. Growing up in a strict household where hip-hop music wasn’t allowed he somehow found his passion in it and bridge the gap between hip-hop and Christian music.

Through his journey of his art he learned to produce, mix and master his own material. He is now putting out his own music through his own record label Salvtion Wreckordz.

Some of his work consist of Christmas albums popularly known and played during the holidays, and he has a mixtape F2BFL that dropped on May 8th 2022, celebrating his birthday at the same time. Here’s the link to check it out. . His latest song “Touch” where he gets deep asking the lord for guidance is another banger you can check it out now by clicking this link

Check out Azarael latest interview on “From Da Ground Up Productions” hosted by Ladi Miz and Ray. Here is the link below.

Be sure to follow him on all his social medias and support the movement.

Contact Info for Azarael:


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