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What you value says a lot about who you are

Giving is more than just money and materials things.

Giving, is giving your time, your energy, a ear to listen, valuable information and your heart. Those are the things that is priceless. Material things come and go, they can break, you can no longer have interest in them, the value of things can decrease and you can lose them.

When you give yourself to someone you are giving them some thing that is priceless. Once you give your time you can never get that back. But the important part is you took the time to give your time and that alone is priceless. Some people may not value you or your time and take you for granted.

Giving your energy is just as important. But you must be careful because there is good energy and there is also bad energy. If you are someone like me who has good energy and you open yourself up to someone who has bad energy you allow them to dim your light and it can cause your energy to shift.

God gave you a heart, he gave you a brain and he’s giving you the breath that you’re breathing right now. All of those things are free. The things that hold the most value didn’t cost you anything. The funny thing is I was going to tell you that your time, your heart, your energy and even the information you know can’t be bought but that would be a lie.

People who do not value themselves will sell themselves short.

Sadly, I have done that plenty of times. And people who have valuable information may sell it to you. Honestly, but sadly some people can be bought because they put a dollar amount on what they felt they were worth to gain or get what they see as value to them. Read that part again.

I said all that to say this, you need to take a good look at yourself and find out what your true values are and not get caught up and worldly possessions. Never sacrifice the things that are priceless for things that have a price attached to it.

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