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Will Smith smacks Chris rock on live TV

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Will Smith smacks Chris Rock on live TV -$hit just got real 😳

So my questions is was Will Smith right or was he wrong for smacking Chris rock for telling a joke about his wife? I’m not sure how true this is but I believe that Jada may have a disease called alopecia which caused her hair to fall out so it may have been a sensitive time to tell that Joke.

However, did it deserve a smack in front of the world? Did it go to far or was it just jokes? I think it’s easy for people to say it’s just jokes when it’s not them being laughed at but I do understand comedy which allows people to have freedom of speech when they are performing their art.

This is a hard one but I’m not going to lie I love the fact that no matter what they are going through Will still loves and protects his wife.

What do you think about this moment?

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